Develop a Solution

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A solution is a software product that uses a Fortellis API to connect with automotive data systems. A solution can be a web or mobile App, a data service, or an integration with an existing application. Below are the user assumptions:

  • I'm a registered developer on Fortellis (if not, sign up here).
  • I want to create a solution (app, service, or integration) to publish in the Fortellis Marketplace.
  • My solution will call one or more Fortellis API specs to interact with automotive data partners using Fortellis provider API implementations.

Launching a Solution

In the Developer Network, you create the solution's tracking record on Fortellis and get an API Key to identify the solution. In the Marketplace (coming soon), you enter the solution's marketing information, submit the solution for review, and publish it when it's approved.

Browse API Specs

Your first step is to determine which Fortellis API specs your solution will call (the solution's API bundle). Being selective about the API bundle protects your solution and your customers' data by limiting access to only the data that you need. 

  1. Review the API specs on Fortellis by clicking APIs in the Developer Network menu bar and using the left-hand navigation bar to review the API documentation pages.
  2. Domain pages list the API specs for a given automotive business area (for example, Vehicle Service). Click on an API name in this list to see its API page.
  3. An API page displays the API's description and list its endpoints (AKA methods or operations). This gives you an overview of what you can do with calls to the API. For more detailed information, click on an endpoint in the list to see information directly from the API spec.
  4. The API Spec page for an endpoint displays detailed information, including the data model. If you want to know exactly what data the endpoint can return, this is where you find it.

Register Your Solution

When you register a solution on the Developer Network, you accomplish several things:

  • You register the solution's name and URLs with Fortellis.
  • You get a unique API Key. Fortellis uses this API Key (and API Secret) to identify and authenticate calls from the solution.
  • You connect selected Fortellis APIs to the solution.

Follow these steps to register a new solution:

  1. Log in to Fortellis.
  2. Click your name in the Fortellis header and select Developer Account.
  4. Enter a name and description of your solution (up to 250 characters).
  5. Enter your solution's URL. Solutions in development can point to a placeholder URL.
  6. Enter your solution's callback URL to return to after authentication.
  7. Select the Fortellis API specs that your solution will use.
  8. Click SUBMIT.
  9. The API Key and API Secret are generated. Do not share the API Key and API Secret with anyone, and keep them in a safe place.
  10. You can review this information by clicking the solution's name in the list on your Developer Account page. You can edit or delete the solution information until you publish your solution to the Marketplace.  

Build Your Solution

Code your solution with calls to its connected APIs (the solution's API bundle).

  • For detailed information on calling individual endpoints, use the endpoint's API spec page (see below).
  • For more help, look in the Community on the Developer Network.

Follow these steps to find data details and sample calls for your solution:

  1. Click APIs in the Developer Network menu bar, click the API name in the left-hand navigation bar, and click on the endpoint in the list on the API page.
  2. The API Spec page displays details for the endpoint, including the resource URL, data models, header and query parameters, sample request and response, and HTTP error responses.
  3. You can use Try It Out to call the endpoint on a test server.
  4. You need to log in to Fortellis and have a registered solution to test with.
  5. In the header parameters, select the solution you want to test for or enter the solution's API Key.
  6. Keep the default test value for the Subscription ID.
  7. Enter any other header parameters that are required for this endpoint.
  8. Enter query parameters to define the data to retrieve or post.
  9. Click TRY IT OUT.
  10. The tabs display the request sent to the server, the response, and the cURL for the call.

Create Your Marketing

To list your solution, the Fortellis Marketplace needs marketing information including: 

  • Basic Information: solution name, brief description, company name, logo
  • Branding: detailed description and highlights for the solution overview, images for the Marketplace Gallery
  • Features: set up one or more feature pages with information and images
  • Support: your company's support phone and email
  • Legal: links to your company's Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions
  • Plans and Pricing: set up one or more pricing plans (free trial, recurring or one-time charges, flat rate or per unit pricing, setup charges) 

What's Next?

When your solution is complete, you will submit it for review and publish it on Marketplace as new Fortellis releases launch.