Getting Started

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Sign Up as a Registered Developer

  1. Click Sign Up in the header of any Fortellis page.
  2. Set up your account, login, and security question.
  3. Enter your payment information or invitation code.
  4. Choose whether to enroll as an individual or an organization. Enter organization information if needed.
  5. Subscribe to updates (optional) and accept the Developer Terms and Agreements (required).
  6. Click Submit.
  7. A verification email is sent to the address you entered. Open the email and confirm your address.

Your new account moves to In Review status. When it is Approved, you will receive an email and you can log in.

Register Your First Solution (App)

  1. Click My Solutions.
  2. Click Register Solution.
  3. Enter a name and description of your Solution (up to 250 characters).
  4. Enter your solution's URL. Solutions in development can point to a placeholder URL.
  5. Enter the your solution's callback URL to return to after authentication.
  6. Select the Fortellis APIs for your Solution to use.
  7. Click Submit.

Your registered Solution appears in My Solutions. The API Key and API Secret are generated for your Solution. Do not share them with anyone. Keep them in a safe place.

Try It Out

The Try It Out feature on the API Spec pages sends a call using the method using parameters you enter. For testing, you will call the Exchange Organization ID of the test server and use the test data in the call and response as examples to help you develop your Solution.

Note: Try It Out only displays if you are signed up as a registered developer on Fortellis. You also need to register a Solution so you can use its API Key in your test help call.

To run a Try It Out test call:

  1. Enter required header parameters.
    • Select the Solution you want to test for or enter the Solution's API Key.
    • The Exchange Organization ID defaults to the test server.
    • Enter any other required header parameters.
  2. Enter query parameters to define the data to retrieve or post.
  3. Click Try It Out.

The tabs display the request sent to the server, the response, and the cURL for the call.

Build and Submit a Solution

  1. Code your Solution with calls to the connected APIs you chose when you registered the Solution.
    • If you need to call other APIs, you can go to My Solutions, click on the Solution to expand it, and click Edit to update the connected APIs.
    • See Working with APIs for general information about calling APIs, and use Try It Out to create detailed examples of calls and responses.
  2. When your solution is completed, click My Solutions.
  3. Click on your Solution to select it.
  4. Click Submit for Review.
  5. Enter the required information, including a description of the Solution that will display in the Marketplace.
  6. Add all required files for your Solution.
  7. Click Submit for Review at the bottom of the form.

Your Solution moves to In Review status. When it is Approved, you will receive an email so you can promote it to the Marketplace.

Promote a Solution to the Marketplace

  1. When your solution is approved, click My Solutions.
  2. Click on your Solution to select and expand it.
  3. If needed, click Edit to make final changes to the description that displays in the Marketplace.
  4. Click Promote to Marketplace.

Your Solution moves to Marketplace status and appears in the Fortellis Marketplace.

Publish an API on the Developer Network

  1. Code your API, following the API Developer Guidelines.
  2. When your API is completed, click My APIs.
  3. Select the business domain where your API belongs.
  4. Enter the name and description for your API. Names should be in title case ("Parts Order API" instead of "partsOrder").
  5. Enter the version of the API, especially if you have published it here before.
  6. Enter the region(s) where the API will be used (US, Canada, UK, China, etc.).
  7. Select the level of access for your API. This controls who will be able to see your API in the Marketplace - everybody? selected people? nobody?
  8. Add your API Spec file.
  9. Enter contact information, so we can communicate with you about your API.
  10. Add Word or PDF files with your Privacy and Terms. These are the policies that govern the use of your API.
  11. Enter additional information, if available, including a Word document or PDF file with testing instructions.
  12. Add a Word or PDF file with the prices you charge for the use of your API.
  13. Click Submit for Review.

Your API appears in My APIs in Review status. When it is Approved, you will receive an email that it is ready to be called by Solutions.