API Reference

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These reference pages introduce the APIs that are available in Fortellis. The pages range from broad API descriptions for browsing to detailed information for coding with individual API endpoints (methods). The Try It Out feature lets you run test calls on the API methods to see the calls, parameters, and responses for each method.

Domain Pages

Fortellis APIs are grouped by their domain in the automotive business. Domains cover front office functions (Sales) to fixed ops (Service).

Each domain page lists the domain's APIs with a link to each API and a description of how the API fits in the overall workflow. This is a great place to start browsing for APIs to use in your Solution.

API Pages

Each API has its own page with a list of all the methods in the API, grouped into categories. This page serves two purposes. It gives you a more detailed look at what you can do with the API, and it is how you access detailed information for the API methods (the API Spec pages).

Each name in the method list is a link to the API Spec page for that method.

Query Appointments

Queries booked appointments

Cancel Appointment

Cancels an appointment

API Spec Pages

The API Spec page is your source for the details you need for an endpoint (method) in a Fortellis API. Most of the information comes directly from the API specification. Look here for:

  • Resource URL
  • Data model (for POST methods)
  • Header parameters, including the authorization parameters API Key and Exchange Organization ID
  • Query parameters
  • Sample request, response, and cURL, generated by Try It Out test calls
  • HTTP error responses

To help you interpret and use the details, there's more information about API calls, authorization, methods, and data in Working with APIs.

There's more information about Try It Out testing in Getting Started.