Payment Settling

Payment Settling

ePayments - Payment Settling

The Payment Settling API allows payment processors to settle transactions in Parts/Service. This API is NOT USED FOR VEHICLE SALE.

What does this API do?

This will enable payment processors acting on behalf of dealerships to submit requests to settle transactions with the DMS.

How to use the APIs?

The POST /payments request initiates the payment settling process and returns a promise as part of HATEOAS links. The API consumer can use this promise (GET /payment/{promiseId}) to get the status of the settling process.

Intended Audience

Payment processors and gateways.

At present, the API only supports settling payments. Refund settling will be added in future.


Tests if there is a valid connection between Fortellis and the API Provider


query pending postback promise


query pending postback payment promises


postback payment for settlement