Vehicle Sales

Vehicle Sales APIs manage the activities and information required for the dealership to sell or lease vehicles.

Deal Creation Quotes API

A vehicle quote is the price the dealership offers to a specific customer to buy or lease a specific vehicle. It includes additional pricing elements like fees, rebates, and taxes, and it may also include a schedule of payment amounts.

The Quotes API provides the ability for users to create, retrieve, and edit quotes that were generated from the Payments API.

Updated: 6 August 2018

Calculate Payments API

A customer payment calculation produces the number and amount of the monthly payments for a vehicle purchase or lease. The deal process may involve multiple payment calculations in order to arrive at a payment schedule that balances the customer’s budgeting needs with the cost of financing.

The Calculate Payments API provides the ability for users to create multiple payment calculations, using the customer’s desired payment amount plus a wide variety of parameters for pricing and financing. A payment calculation is then saved as a quote for further processing by the Quotes API.

Updated: 6 August 2018

CDKDrive Customer API

Merchandisable Vehicles API

Merchandisable vehicles include all vehicles available for sale or lease from the dealership. Merchandisable vehicle information goes far beyond basic specifications, features, and technical details. It includes financial information like pricing and incentives, and marketing media like thumbnails, still photos, and videos of the vehicle in action.

The Merchandisable Vehicles API allows users to search for vehicles based on location, vehicle specifications, price, and mileage. When a vehicle is identified, it can retrieve the full range of vehicle information.

Updated: 6 August 2018

Sales Vehicle Specifications API

Deals API