Vehicle Service

Vehicle Service APIs manage the activities and information required for the dealership’s Service Department to schedule, perform, and charge for work on vehicles.

Appointment API

An appointment is the booking of a vehicle at a dealership to have work done on it. It will include the date and time the vehicle is expected, and when the work is expected to be completed. An appointment will move to a repair order once the vehicle arrives at the dealership and work is begun.

The Appointments API provides the ability for users to search for available appointment slots, book and amend an appointment, manage requested services, and record status changes.

Service Pricing API

A service menu pricing item is a combination of parts and labor operation codes that makes up a service work item for a given vehicle specification, usually with an expected price. An example is the 20,000-mile service for a 2018 Chevrolet Silverado, which could include an oil filter replacement, an air filter replacement, and an oil change, plus the parts needed and the labor time it takes to complete the tasks.

The Service Pricing API allows users to access vehicle specifications, dealership carlines and service packages. The methods in the Vehicle Specifications category connect users to manufacturer vehicle repair databases for fast service advisor estimating. The Dealership Carlines category helps dealers consolidate carline data and descriptions. The Service Package category bundles dealer service products and supports customization for new package offerings.

Scheduling API

Safety Recalls API

API endpoints for dealing with Safety Recalls on vehicles

Service Vehicle Specifications API

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Customers API

Dealership Labor Pricing API

Dealership Customizations API

Parts Pricing API

Parts Groups API

Consumption Metrics API

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