Appointment API

An appointment is the booking of a vehicle at a dealership to have work done on it. It will include the date and time the vehicle is expected, and when the work is expected to be completed. An appointment will move to a repair order once the vehicle arrives at the dealership and work is begun.

The Appointments API provides the ability for users to search for available appointment slots, book and amend an appointment, manage requested services, and record status changes.

Appointments V3

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Fortellis - Service - Appointments

A service appointment is a booking of a vehicle into the service department for work that needs to be carried out on the vehicle. This could be a service, repair, body repair, government test etc.

What does this API do?

The API will allow you to query, create and manage service appointments.

Intended Audience

It is expected that systems that require create, read, update, and delete access to appointments will use this API. Systems implementing service-scheduling will use this API to store appointment records.


Tests if there is a valid connection between Fortellis and the API Provider


Query an appointment


Query appointments


Creates an appointment.


Update an appointment.


Cancels an appointment.